La Disputa by Raphael


Classical Christian Education

Via Potentia Academy is a private in-person/online hybrid classical Christian cooperative homeschool program operated under Holy Family Old Catholic Church. We emphasize the classic trivium/quadrivium and integration with living out the Christian faith.

Students meet together, in-person. Parents are present as assisting tutors as needed.

We work primarily with students in middle school and above who are capable of following self-directed curricula with some adult guidance/tutoring as needed. Core courses include:

In addition to the above, all students take supplemental elective courses in music, visual arts, computer programming, business, economics, woodworking, physical health, etc. as time allows and tutors are available.

The fundamental goal is to help the children mature into well-balanced, faithful, competent adults who have an excellent educational foundation that can assist them as they proceed into a vocation, trade, or college.


Our emphasis is upon the proven classics of human formation. However, we are grateful to be able to use Google Workplace for Education. Among other things, this allows students to access and complete their work using convenient resources like Google Docs. We also have video and audio monitoring of classroom areas. All parents have access to the video and audio feeds (and records).


We operate on a 12-week trimester schedule similar to many colleges. We do not hold classes in the summer.

Tuition Fees

Families are responsible for paying for the curriculum for their own children and must have one adult present regularly to assist as a tutor. Otherwise, the fees are on a donation basis, and the school is supported primarily by Holy Family Old Catholic Church.

If you have comments or questions please call 503-437-3450 or contact


Via Potentia Academy is an activity of Holy Family Old Catholic Church, a non-profit organization.

Via Potentia Academy
805 NW Alder St.
McMinnville, OR 97128

The School at Athens by Raphael

The School at Athens

Raphael's School at Athens represents the major philosophers of antiquity, with Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates at the center. We emphasize the human capacity to experience wonder, to seek truth, and to pursue the good.

Parnassus by Raphael

The Parnassus

Raphael's Parnassus represents the major authors of classical liturature. Though our program includes many activities, it is grounded in the reading and discussion of masterpieces of literature.

Cardinal and Theological Virtues by Raphael

The Cardinal and Theological Virtues

Raphael's Virtues represents the seven key virtues of humanity:

The Cardinal Virtues

The Theological Virtues

Raphael's La Dispute at the top of the page represents theology and our goal to remain faithful to the fundamental teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as they come to us through the witnesses of Sacred Scripture and Church Tradition.